Sunday, July 25, 2010

Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever

It’s been so long
Since that first day
Of second grade
We found each other
And stuck together
We were shy back then
We were just each other’s friend
Best friends is what we become
Deciding we would stay that way
Life was more simple then
We could carelessly play
Not thinking we were in any danger
As we got older
Our choice of friends changed
But we still held on
To our friendship
The day came that I had to move away
Leaving my best friend behind
Life wasn’t the same
No one can replace
The special bond we made
Most friends come and go
But we were best friends for life
Over the years
We have grown apart
Lost touch for long periods of time
In the end
We have always found each other again
Our friendship is stronger than most
No matter where life takes us
And how different we become
We can always count on each other
That’s what best friends do

© Christie Cote
July 25, 2010
For Amber Bessette

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day
As you watch the sky
The beauty of it
Is in your eyes
The summer wind
Blowing in your hair
As everything is at peace
The world seems perfect
Like nothing can go wrong
All your worries
Have diminished into it beauty
The song that the birds sing
Are like no other
The life they symbolize is pure and unique
As you’re out there
You can wonder why
Life isn’t always this peaceful
You can listen with your heart
And close your eyes and dream
But in the end
You will always know
That life could never be this perfect.
© Christie Cote
January 9, 2005

Lost Friend

Lost Friend
It has been years since we have been friends
Why do I still think of you
It still hurts to see your name
I’m the one who walked away
But I tried to come back
Wanted to make things right
Why did you say it was ok
If you were just going to turn your back on me anyways
Those words hit me hard
I still don’t understand
You find me in my dreams
But when I awake your not there
I never stopped caring about you
I hear songs and think about you
I can even hear your voice singing along
All I have left is my memories
I can’t forget you
The friendship we had
Was special
I regret every day
Losing the connection we had
How did we go from being so close
To not knowing each other at all
I want to talk to you to hear your voice
And laugh with you about the past
Watching you play piano singing from your heart
I was your number one fan
But first I was your best friend
As you get closer to your dream
Don’t forget where you came from
Remember your friends that stood beside you
In the very beginning
© Christie Cote
May 4, 2010

Hiding Who I Am

Hiding Who I Am
Why do you ask me to hide myself
Taking away who I am inside
Telling me it is not ok
To reflect myself
In things I do and say
Who are you to say
That these things are not ok
You chip away at me
Slowly making me into
The robot you want me to be
Individuality is just a dream
I’m living in a world
Where it is not invited
I must talk a certain way
And act following your standards
Or I will not be accepted
Losing myself along the way
So I can walk among you
How will I stand out
If you make me like everyone else
Soon you will not be able
To tell me apart from anyone else
I will just blend in
Lost in the sea of sameness
© Christie Cote
February 9, 2010

New Sight

New Sight
I was blind for so long
When I finally opened my eyes
And could see clearly
For the first time
I saw what was right in front of me
Waiting for so long
Hoping I was not too late
Not wanting to lose something so great
Somehow no one saw
What I was seeing
Making it hard to believe
That I wasn’t in a dream
And I am really this lucky
For the first time
I had something worthwhile
Something that I wanted more than anything
© Christie Cote
November 29, 2009

Losing The Fear

Losing the Fear
My heart is trying to tell me something
My head is making it harder to listen
Being afraid is
Getting in my way
From really hearing
And truly feeling everything there
When I just explore these feelings
And think of nothing else but you
I feel love
I know it is there
Growing inside me
But the fear makes me unsure
Knowing you will never hurt me
Doesn’t keep it away
This is an all new experience
Better than I could have ever imagined
I have easily fallen into it
Never looking back
Loving where it has brought me
Only wanting more
Even with that fear still inside
I don’t know why it is there
Hopefully in time
It will no longer be there
© Christie Cote
November 29, 2009

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