Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fate of our memories

Fate of our memories

So many words are left unsaid,
Conversations we’ve had in our heads.
Spoken words without any meaning
Lead to the façade that I’m now seeing.

The rift grows each second,
ripping apart the years of history
into shreds like they never existed.

Soon there will be nothing left to bind us,
or remind us,
of the memories that brought us together.

It will all float away,
Like waking up from a dream,
that we can’t quite hold onto or remember.

Eventually it is forgotten all together,
Moving onto new better things.

The endeavors will be exciting,
But maybe if you are lucky,
Something will spark a memory,
Of what was lost.

Bringing back that dream,
that you can’t quite touch,
of have again.

A glimpse of a memory
to hold onto,
or let fall into a black hole,
to never be seen again.

In the end,
your choices,
hold the key to the fate,
of our memories.

By: Christie Cote
April 13, 2013

Monday, December 19, 2011

Why didn't you stay?

Why didn’t you stay?

You said someday I will be able to spend,
All the time I want with you.
Telling me not to give up hope.
You etched those words onto paper,
So I would always remember.

The words haunt me,
Like the poison that took you away.
It works its way through me,
Paralyzing me.
My breathing becomes labored
As it reaches my heart.

Why couldn’t you stay,
And protect me from this pain?
Instead you left,
Without saying goodbye.
Leaving me to live,
With bad memories.

You weren’t there to make me laugh,
When I had a bad day.
You weren’t there,
When my heart got shattered into a million little pieces.
I had to pick up each piece by myself.
I needed you,
But you weren’t there.

You didn’t sit on the hot bleachers,
Watching me while the wind blew off my graduation cap,
While I waited to cross the platform,
That was ending that chapter in my life.

You weren’t there for important moments in my life.
I couldn’t show you my engagement ring,
After I was proposed to.
You will never meet my fiancé,
Or even be there on my wedding day.

Why didn’t you stay?
You left before you got to know me.
Never seeing the person I became,
And all of the obstacles I overcame.

You missed the day I began writing,
Never knowing that you wrote yourself.
I didn’t get to discover we had that in common,
Until you were already gone.

I sit here wanting to know you,
Knowing I will never be able to,
The way I deserve.
All I have are some pages in a book
And the stories people tell me.

I have foggy memories I can barely grasp.
Disjointed images from the past.
I can’t remember your voice,
Or the last time I heard it.
How long had it been,
Before I saw you lying in that bed?
Slipping away,
On that rainy July day.

I remember wishing that I could be enough,
For you to live each day coherently.
Instead you continued to drink the poison,
Until it finally consumed you.
Leaving me wondering,
Why I wasn’t ever enough?

Years went by before the anger began to subside.
The pain and loss hitting me at full force.
Now that my walls have come down,
I feel everything I had blocked for so long.
Wondering if I could have,
Stopped you from leaving.
If I hadn’t been angry
And  had spoken to you,
Would you still be here now?

Could I have stopped the poison,
From seeping into you,
Taking over your body?

All I want,
Is to go back,
and save you.

©Christie Cote
December 19, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Left in the Desert (Edit)

Left in the desert (edit)

Love is to open sky

As loathing is to hell.

The burning of constant despair.

How easily and swiftly

One can turn into the other.

One moment we are holding hands,
The next I can feel the stream of tears
Creating a river down my skin.
Tasting the salt
As the river reaches my lips.

Your cruel words,
Slicing through me.
Tearing me into pieces
My worst fear becoming reality.

You didn’t think twice before telling all of the lies,
Promising you were only mine.
Was any of it true?
While you pressed your lips to hers
Feeling your heart beat with pure desire.

I only had you.
My heart was your toy,
Only used to play your games.
Never caring if you broke it.
You already had another.

She stood there
Watching the tears fall down my face.
Knowing exactly why
My heart was breaking.
The feeling of pain so great,
Death seemed inviting.
Her silence screamed, 
Of the last sabotage.

I was naïve to trust you
Thinking you wouldn’t do,
What I watched you do to her.
You created a place
Where I did not exist.
Telling me you loved me
As you looked for someone special.
Promises broken
Not knowing I was single,
Until I searched your name in google.
The result. A facebook I never knew about
Telling the world you were looking for
Someone to spend forever with
Sending my heart into shock.
I was never good enough.

You took everything from me,

Stripping away my friends.

Demining my dreams,

Giving the sinking feeling of worthlessness.

Isolating me so I was only left with myself in the end.
Knowing you had everything,
You left me in the desert
With out water.
Not caring if I made it out.

The never-ending sand,
Whipped around me.
Ingraining into the cuts that covered my body
Inflicting a severe stinging sensation.
I found the strength
Hidden away deep inside.
I fought the sand, pushing through,
Finding my way out.
Ready for revenge.

Here I am
With the strength
You never cared to see

I hope when you see me now
You fill with regret
Feeling the hell you tried to bring on me

While the depths of hell consume you
My fate is left to the open sky
With all of the possibilities
That I possess now
Holding my head high
I’m free to live among men
And be silly with my friends

I am free
The burden of you is gone
I am able to breathe in fresh air
Exhilarating me

© Christie Cote

I'm a lancaster (Knowledge Edit)

I’m a Lancaster (Knowledge edit)

I step into the horse drawn carriage

Ready to take me on my way.
Completing my final year of school
I daydream about school past 8th grade.
High school and college is forbidden.

All of the things I could learn
Like how to drive a car
Separates me from my family.
It is impossible to be different
While living among my people.
When my 16th birthday arrives
I can participate in Rumspringa
Tempting me further
Into the world outside.

I feel my heart breach.
Knowing the pain of leaving them
Would slice through my heart.
Something irreconcilable, 
The price I would have to pay
To have new experiences.

The carriage halts in front of my sanctuary,
A one room school the students share.
Smoothing down my plain black dress,
I feel the same caged texture I do every day.
I Imagine wearing a bright pink shirt and jeans
An image that would never come to be.

I feel the wind swiftly blow,
Loosening my bonnet.
Giving me the desire to let it blow off
Letting the wind whip through my hair.
To have a moment where I’m not composed,
Kicking off my shoes
So I can feel the grass between my toes.
Dancing to the feeling I have inside.

Instead I tighten it,
Securing the white material to my head.
Composed, I enter the room lit by candles
Taking my seat, prepared to learn
Enjoying this luxury while it lasts.
Once I complete this year
I will never see the inside of a school again.
To keep from disappointing my family,
I have to forget about my dream.

© Christie Cote

Barley Alive (Edit)

Barley Alive (Edit)

He stumbles through the door
Coming to be with me.
Driving from afar,
Barley able to see.

Not knowing the pain he felt,
Would be so much more.
I listen to the slur of words
Poring from his core. 

A flash of memories
Spirals through my head.
His innocent face
Looking back at me.
Hours spent on the phone.
Talking endlessly about anything and everything
He managed to escape for a night with me
At a homecoming dance.
We danced the night away
Before the magic slipped away.
Time went on.
One thing staying constant,
You and I.
A rainy day you ran away,
Hiding from danger.
You came to me.
I have always been your person

I stand here now
Wondering how it became this bad.
Seeing the mess in front of me,
I wonder how he is not dead.

His eyes glossy,
He shares his pain.
The girl who broke his heart
After he gave her everything.
Sharing those precious secrets with her
That only I had known before.
In the end love lost
Leaving only his best friend,

Hours went by before he was able to drive
Promising he would go right home.
I should have known.
He took the bottle from the backseat.
Never expecting the chrome
To collide with a tree.
Not knowing what happened.

He wasn’t aware of the glass in his hair
Unable to understand where the blood was comingfrom,
He fumbled with his phone,
Blood smearing from the gash on his thumb.

The message I received,
Was a disjointed mess.
I was only able to make out one word,
Fear ran through me
Knowing what he wouldn’t want to confess.
The mistake I made by letting him go.
I felt disappointment arrive
Then anger and guilt followed.
I never thought he would lie to me,
Knowing how much I Abhor
Drinking and Driving.

© Christie Cote

I Persevere (edit to "Fate")

I Persevere (edit to "Fate")

This game you play
Is very dangerous.
Like jumping out of a plane and
Forgetting your parachute.

You act innocent,
Like an angel from above.
Pure and fragile.
Your act only works on a crowd,
I’m not part of it.
I see you for who you are.
Stripping away your white mask
That fools everyone else.
Revealing the darkness underneath.
Not appreciative of what you already have
You steal from others.
Acting like you’re their friend
Before flipping the switch.

You start a war.
When I’m winning
You retreat.
Finding higher authority
Hiding behind them
Like I’m the one
Who committed treason
Stabbing one of my own.
You can try to frame me
But the truth will come out,
As soon as they find your fingerprints.

You didn’t expect me to fight back
When you first attacked.
Thinking it was easy to bring me down.
Sorry to disappoint you
I’m not defeated, just like that.
Don’t brake a nail
Leave the scratching to a cat.
I don’t pull hair, a powerless act.
I connect my fist with your face
Enjoying the feeling of first to jaw
As blood splashes on my skin.

You may have begun this war
Trying to take advantage of me.
Fighting dirty.
Despair will only fall on you.
I will finish first
Every time.
I fight for victory
Never backing down.
The strength I have will shock you.

Think again before throwing punches my way.
I will dodge every one.
Your energy will be wasted
You will only be defeated.

If you choose to fight anyways
Finish what you started.
You can’t retreat and hide
Just because you are losing.
In the end I will find you,
Making you compensate 
For all you have done.

The plane couldn’t save you.
I watch you fall through the air.
Eventually your body will crash to the ground,
With nothing there to stop you
But the branches scraping across your skin.

Causing you every bit of pain
You inflicted on me.
As your body is sprawled out on the ground
I hope you suffer.
Remembering you caused this
All because you played dangerously
You didn’t have a parachute.
You have nothing left,
I persevere.

© Christie Cote
May 6, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Once Upon a time

Once Upon a time

Once upon a time,
We were just two girls,
Playing with Barbies.
We created our own dream house,
And created our own story inside,
From beginning to end.
The story did not change every time we played
Like other children who enacted the doll’s fate.
Our story was extensive and detailed,
Consisting of a beginning, middle and end.
Possibly telling the story of what the future would bring.
Years have gone by,
Our real lives took their places.
You just moved into your dream house.
Just like Barbie and Ken.
You traded Ken for Eddie,
Finding your one true love.
The childhood fantasy coming true,
Even better than we could have created.
Today you trade in your doll sized dress
For an extravagant life-sized one,
Looking more beautiful than Barbie ever could.

To: Amber (Bessette) Roucoulet
By: Christie Cote
October 22, 2011

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