Monday, October 24, 2011

Left in the Desert (Edit)

Left in the desert (edit)

Love is to open sky

As loathing is to hell.

The burning of constant despair.

How easily and swiftly

One can turn into the other.

One moment we are holding hands,
The next I can feel the stream of tears
Creating a river down my skin.
Tasting the salt
As the river reaches my lips.

Your cruel words,
Slicing through me.
Tearing me into pieces
My worst fear becoming reality.

You didn’t think twice before telling all of the lies,
Promising you were only mine.
Was any of it true?
While you pressed your lips to hers
Feeling your heart beat with pure desire.

I only had you.
My heart was your toy,
Only used to play your games.
Never caring if you broke it.
You already had another.

She stood there
Watching the tears fall down my face.
Knowing exactly why
My heart was breaking.
The feeling of pain so great,
Death seemed inviting.
Her silence screamed, 
Of the last sabotage.

I was naïve to trust you
Thinking you wouldn’t do,
What I watched you do to her.
You created a place
Where I did not exist.
Telling me you loved me
As you looked for someone special.
Promises broken
Not knowing I was single,
Until I searched your name in google.
The result. A facebook I never knew about
Telling the world you were looking for
Someone to spend forever with
Sending my heart into shock.
I was never good enough.

You took everything from me,

Stripping away my friends.

Demining my dreams,

Giving the sinking feeling of worthlessness.

Isolating me so I was only left with myself in the end.
Knowing you had everything,
You left me in the desert
With out water.
Not caring if I made it out.

The never-ending sand,
Whipped around me.
Ingraining into the cuts that covered my body
Inflicting a severe stinging sensation.
I found the strength
Hidden away deep inside.
I fought the sand, pushing through,
Finding my way out.
Ready for revenge.

Here I am
With the strength
You never cared to see

I hope when you see me now
You fill with regret
Feeling the hell you tried to bring on me

While the depths of hell consume you
My fate is left to the open sky
With all of the possibilities
That I possess now
Holding my head high
I’m free to live among men
And be silly with my friends

I am free
The burden of you is gone
I am able to breathe in fresh air
Exhilarating me

© Christie Cote


Anonymous said...

Wow, nice resolve. I can somewhat relate. I hope the beginning wasn't from experience.

"I am free
The burden of you is gone"
...this I can certainly relate to!

Very nice poem!

Christie Cote said...

Thank you very much... Yes this poem was about a real experience, but experiences make for some great writing :) I really appreciate the feedback! :) I'm also glad it was something you could relate to and that you enjoyed it!

Jolene Perry said...

Awesome, but I'm a sucker for poetry. your blog is so preetty :D

Christie Cote said...

awww thank you so much! It was nice of you to even look at my blog! I got the template somewhere else. I wish I knew how to make them myself that would be so cool. :)

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