Sunday, October 23, 2011

Once Upon a time

Once Upon a time

Once upon a time,
We were just two girls,
Playing with Barbies.
We created our own dream house,
And created our own story inside,
From beginning to end.
The story did not change every time we played
Like other children who enacted the doll’s fate.
Our story was extensive and detailed,
Consisting of a beginning, middle and end.
Possibly telling the story of what the future would bring.
Years have gone by,
Our real lives took their places.
You just moved into your dream house.
Just like Barbie and Ken.
You traded Ken for Eddie,
Finding your one true love.
The childhood fantasy coming true,
Even better than we could have created.
Today you trade in your doll sized dress
For an extravagant life-sized one,
Looking more beautiful than Barbie ever could.

To: Amber (Bessette) Roucoulet
By: Christie Cote
October 22, 2011


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