Sunday, July 25, 2010

Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever

It’s been so long
Since that first day
Of second grade
We found each other
And stuck together
We were shy back then
We were just each other’s friend
Best friends is what we become
Deciding we would stay that way
Life was more simple then
We could carelessly play
Not thinking we were in any danger
As we got older
Our choice of friends changed
But we still held on
To our friendship
The day came that I had to move away
Leaving my best friend behind
Life wasn’t the same
No one can replace
The special bond we made
Most friends come and go
But we were best friends for life
Over the years
We have grown apart
Lost touch for long periods of time
In the end
We have always found each other again
Our friendship is stronger than most
No matter where life takes us
And how different we become
We can always count on each other
That’s what best friends do

© Christie Cote
July 25, 2010
For Amber Bessette


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