Tuesday, October 26, 2010



This game you play
Is very dangerous
Like jumping out of a plane
Forgetting your parachute

You act innocent
Like an angel
From above
Pure and fragile

Guess again
Your act only works on a crowd
I’m not part of it
I see you for who you are
Stripping away the mask
That fools everyone else

You start a war
When I’m winning
You retreat 
Finding higher authority
Hiding behind them
Like I’m the one
Who committed treason
Harming one of my own

You didn’t expect me to fight back
When you first attacked
Sorry to disappoint you
I’m not defeated
Just like that

You may have begun this war
Trying to take an advantage over me
Despair will only fall on you
I will finish first
every time
I fight for victory
Never backing down

Think again
Before throwing punches my way
If you choose to anyways
Finish what you started 

You can’t hide
Just because things
Don’t go your way
In the end you will pay

Eventually your body
Will crash to the ground
With nothing there to stop you
But the last feeling
Of branches

Causing you every bit of pain
You inflicted on me
All because you played dangerously
Leaving behind your parachute
Fate claims you

© Christie Cote
October 26, 2010

To the mean girl(s) in my past. You know who you are! I always Persevere.


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