Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fate of our memories

Fate of our memories

So many words are left unsaid,
Conversations we’ve had in our heads.
Spoken words without any meaning
Lead to the façade that I’m now seeing.

The rift grows each second,
ripping apart the years of history
into shreds like they never existed.

Soon there will be nothing left to bind us,
or remind us,
of the memories that brought us together.

It will all float away,
Like waking up from a dream,
that we can’t quite hold onto or remember.

Eventually it is forgotten all together,
Moving onto new better things.

The endeavors will be exciting,
But maybe if you are lucky,
Something will spark a memory,
Of what was lost.

Bringing back that dream,
that you can’t quite touch,
of have again.

A glimpse of a memory
to hold onto,
or let fall into a black hole,
to never be seen again.

In the end,
your choices,
hold the key to the fate,
of our memories.

By: Christie Cote
April 13, 2013


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