Saturday, April 9, 2011



I hear the vibration of words cling to my ear.
The shouting whisper claims my attention.
Sending my heart pounding with fear.
Your voice echoes with the words you “forgot” to mention.
I feel the ground around me start to shake
Glass slices through me as the windows shatter.
The walls have fallen. I’m all that is left in its wake,
Leaving my lifeless body like it doesn’t matter.
I hear a faint enchanting voice as I lift my head
Fighting to keep my eyes open as darkness tries to claim them.
When the figure appears I realize I must be dead.
Gracing me with a smile, she hands me a radiant gem.
Gleaming brightly, the light engulfs me.
The serenity it offers is where I yearn to be.

© Christie Cote
April 10, 2011


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