Thursday, October 21, 2010



The scars that mark me
Can’t be seen
They wrap themselves around
A fragile part of me
Where I feel every one
Some start out small
Even unnoticeable
Until they grow
Not being able to ignore
The pain that is really there
It was hidden for so long
The appearance hits me hard
Taking my breath away
Somehow my heart still beats
With the scars that cover it
This heart once unmarked
Is a canvas for scars
They seem to spread
Like a burning fire
That can’t be put out
I feel each one
Like I’m touching the flame
The burning starts out subtle
Then becomes unbearable
To lose this pain
I must reconcile
The mistake I made
So long ago
I can’t hide
The pain I feel inside
It is too strong
To hold onto
Without losing hope
Happiness so far away
My heart wont be content
Until certain scars are healed

© Christie Cote
September 30,2010


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