Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Left in the Desert

Left in the Desert

Love is to open sky
As loathing is to hell
How easily and swiftly
One can turn into another

One moment we are holding hands
The next I’m crying
Your cruel words
Cutting me,
Tearing me into pieces

You didn’t think twice
Before telling me all the lies
Was any of it true?
My heart was your toy
Never caring if you broke it
Because you already had another

I was naive to trust you
Thinking you wouldn’t do to me
What I watched you do to her
Promises broken

You took everything from me
Knowing you had everything
You left me in the desert
Without water
Not caring if I made it out

Here I am
With the strength
You never cared to see

I hope when you see me now
You fill with regret
Feeling the hell you tried to bring on me
The fire never reaching me

While depths of hell consumes you
My fate is left to the open sky
With all of the possibilities
That I possess now

I am free
The burden of you is gone
Letting me breath in the fresh air
Exhilarating me

© Christie Cote
February 9, 2011


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