Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hiding Who I Am

Hiding Who I Am
Why do you ask me to hide myself
Taking away who I am inside
Telling me it is not ok
To reflect myself
In things I do and say
Who are you to say
That these things are not ok
You chip away at me
Slowly making me into
The robot you want me to be
Individuality is just a dream
I’m living in a world
Where it is not invited
I must talk a certain way
And act following your standards
Or I will not be accepted
Losing myself along the way
So I can walk among you
How will I stand out
If you make me like everyone else
Soon you will not be able
To tell me apart from anyone else
I will just blend in
Lost in the sea of sameness
© Christie Cote
February 9, 2010


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