Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Shadow Of Pain

“The shadow of Pain”

I look at his face

Happy and smiling

But it’s just show he puts on

I look deep inside and see

His fear and pain

I’ve heard his voice

On the phone

With the pain and sadness

His tears he cried

Are secrets we share

I’m always there

And will always care

His bruises aren’t the only things hurting

His spirit is also cracked

His life is hell

That no one can understand

Caring and loving parents

Are like a fairytale

That seems like

It will never be real

He deserves better than this despair

He has given up hope

But I will never give up on him

I feel his pain

And would do anything

To take it away

My one and only wish

Is for him

To just be


By: Christie Cote

August 9, 2005


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