Saturday, July 24, 2010

Look At Me Now

Look at me now

Look at me now
I can move without your help
I can be who I really am inside
You held me back
Drowning me in fear
Now I’m stepping out of my cage
And running free
Free from everything you wanted me to be
Now I can just be me
I feel happy now
Having control again
My life is mine
I don’t expect you to understand
I don’t want you to drag me down
And bring me back to the past
I’m living now
Moving forward with my life
Instead of being stuck in place
Where you had kept me
Just let me find myself
Everything is different now
I have opened my eyes
Seeing everything in a new light
This is where I want to be
Don’t try to take this from me
I’m stronger now
I won’t lose myself
Like I did before
I’m not crying anymore
I’m truly smiling
For the first time
In a very long time
Look at me now
You won’t see who was there before
I broke free
And now I’m who I want to be

© Christie Cote
September 27,2009


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