Saturday, July 24, 2010

What Will You Do From Here

What will you do from here
Forget about what you know about me
You may never know what’s really there
Until you look beyond the surface
What is inside is what really matters
Step back and take a real look
And you might see what’s really there
Forget about what you may think you know

So here we are
Facing the challenge here
Finding out who we really are
So come closer, a little bit closer
And look deep inside

Stop right there
And take a real look
At what is beyond the surface
What you find inside
Is an entirely different person
So step back take a look
You may find the real me inside
Don’t be afraid
You may like what you find
Someday you may look back
And really smile inside
Because this time
Was the first time
The very first time
You really saw me
So what will you do from here
©Christie Cote,
August 27, 2009


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