Saturday, July 24, 2010

His Pain

“His Pain”

He looks around not knowing what to do

Scared for his life

Fearing every moment

Not knowing what will happen next

With every day that passes it gets worse

With every day that passes he loses hope

He searches for love in faces that should care

He keeps quiet just to watch over others

But who is watching over him

Even the people who love him

Can’t do anything to save him

His once bright, loving, caring happy smile has faded

What’s left behind is pain and sadness

That seems like it will never go away

He loses sight of happiness

And any hope that could be left

No one deserves this pain

Pain to someone who has never known

What having real parents is like

He lives with physical and emotional pain every day

When will it ever go away

He never did anything wrong

All he ever wanted was someone to care about him

Someone to tell him everything is going to be all right

And to tell him three simple words

I love you

By: Christie Cote

September 13, 2005


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