Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Don't Need You

I don’t need you
You make me want to scream
I’m not going to break down
And show you my pain
It won’t make you stay
Just get out of my face
I want to clear you away
Taking you out of my heart and mind
I’m throwing all of your stuff away
When I’m done
It will be like you never darkened my door
You may think I can’t go on without you
But I’m doing just fine without you
You may have fooled me
But my spirit is harder to crack
My strength makes me see
All the things I can do on my own
Think again before you think you broke me
If you think I’m fragile
You’re the one that was fooled
You think what you did can be justified
By past events that were not the same
Maybe someday you will mature
From a boy into a man
By then it will be too late
I don’t need you
I have better things in life
Just stay away
Because I’m on my way
To a life without you
That’s right without you
There will not be pain anymore
©Christie Cote
September, 22, 2009


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