Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lost Friend

Lost Friend
It has been years since we have been friends
Why do I still think of you
It still hurts to see your name
I’m the one who walked away
But I tried to come back
Wanted to make things right
Why did you say it was ok
If you were just going to turn your back on me anyways
Those words hit me hard
I still don’t understand
You find me in my dreams
But when I awake your not there
I never stopped caring about you
I hear songs and think about you
I can even hear your voice singing along
All I have left is my memories
I can’t forget you
The friendship we had
Was special
I regret every day
Losing the connection we had
How did we go from being so close
To not knowing each other at all
I want to talk to you to hear your voice
And laugh with you about the past
Watching you play piano singing from your heart
I was your number one fan
But first I was your best friend
As you get closer to your dream
Don’t forget where you came from
Remember your friends that stood beside you
In the very beginning
© Christie Cote
May 4, 2010


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